About the Baratta Center


The vision of the Baratta Center for Global Business at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business is to be the venue for discussing and shaping the future of global business, by connecting students and faculty to business, government policy, society, and academic and applied research. The Baratta Center will discuss a range of topics about the future of global business and serve as a catalyst for organizations to act on key ideas and recommendations.

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The Baratta Center will engage with key stakeholders to help discuss and shape global business issues such as globalization and how business can do good for the world. Activities will include working groups, roundtable discussions, company case studies, speaker series, an annual conference, white papers, and student and visiting fellowships, among others.

Key Initiatives

The Baratta Center will undertake several initiatives with the cross-cutting theme of shaping the future of globalization, as well as helping to enhance the potential of global business to create a positive impact on populations around the world. Additional topics may be added based on the mutual interest of Baratta Center members, faculty, researchers, and other McDonough centers and initiatives:

Global Value Chains (GVCs)
Global Cross-Border Investing 
Global Trade and Taxes 
Global Innovation
Business for Global Good

Message from the Baratta Center

Georgetown University is known around the world for its international business and policy focus, its location in Washington D.C., and its Jesuit values, including the emphasis on educating the whole person. While business has no borders, the global pressures and current trends these days are significant – shaped by changes in geopolitics, trade policies, technology, talent and skills, sustainability requirements, and others. Accordingly, the McDonough School of Business is responsible for educating future business leaders to make effective and reliable business decisions in a complex global environment. This means connecting business, policy issues, societal imperative, research, and education more actively. We expect the Baratta Center to be a global convenor and platform for industry, government, and society, focusing on a range of high-priority issues related to the future of global business and contributing to the global good of populations around the world. 

Big and small questions raised by the Baratta Center advisory board members and other stakeholders will be discussed and addressed by ongoing and future faculty research and with the involvement of our students, and visiting fellows and external partners. Such questions could pertain to cross-border investing and capital flows, how trade policies are affecting business performance, how shifting demand and supply patterns are dramatically changing global value chains, as in the case of electric vehicles or building materials, or how global technology and innovation flows are changing due to talent or export restrictions. These questions also address the role of businesses in contributing to global good. Moreover, the Baratta Center integrates current issues and research into student programs such as the Global Business Fellows and Global Business Experience, as well as the Executive MBA programs such as in our Dubai program. At Georgetown, we solve real problems, and that is the essence of the Baratta Center for Global Business.

Thank you for your interest in Baratta Center. We look forward to welcoming you to our robust global business network.

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